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Last Updated 04 January 2017

Welcome to my clock pages. The reader may detect a bias here towards electric or electronic clocks, and that is unlikely to change - after all, I've been involved in electronics since I was a in my 'teens, and it's an area where I can contribute the most.

I don't have a vast amount to offer as yet, but new material does pop up at reasonable intervals. While I could take a whole lot of photos of the clocks I've collected so far, I fear that this would be less than enchanting - there are already countless sites on the Net where one can see clocks far more exciting than mine.

As noted, the articles here are (and will probably continue to be) primarily covering aspects of electrical and electronic based mechanical clocks that are not covered elsewhere. While I have many purely mechanical clocks, there are many people who know far more about them than I do, so I'll mainly stick to the areas where my electronics background comes in handy.

For those who think they might be interested in this rather fascinating hobby, the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) is definitely the organisation to join. The Australian site is called Aussie Clocks (NAWCC First Australian Chapter No. 72 Inc), and meets every two months.

ComponentsComponentsPassive components in electric / electronic horology Feb 08
MotorsClock MotorsExplanation of the many types of motor & how they work Aug 07
KundoKundo Battery ClocksDetails of the repair of a Kundo Electronique clock motor Apr 14
Old SyncOld Synchronous MotorsMany are extremely unsafe, but this article shows how to make them safe to use Jan 09
Old SyncFrequency Changer50Hz clocks on 60Hz or vice versa. How to do it and maintain mains accuracy Jan 09
Build a Sync ClockBuild a Synchronous ClockUsing a quartz clock motor and motion works, you can make a synchronous clock Aug 08
Quartz MotorsDriving Quartz MotorsQuartz clock motors can be useful, but are not always as easy to drive as you might imagine Oct 07
Free PendulumFree Pendulum ClockConstruction details of my battery operated "free pendulum" clock Apr 14
SupplyMains Supply1.5V regulated power supply for battery clocks Sep 09
Spark QuenchSpark Quench CircuitsHow to kill the small arc that erodes contacts - tricks and pitfalls. Apr 10
Timebase1s TimebaseBuild a 1 second timebase, using a cheap quartz clock circuit board   Mar 15
Timebase30s TimebaseBuild a 30 second timebase, based on the principles shown in the previous article   Jan 17
AlternateAlternate Impulse MotorsAlternating polarity clock motors - how they work and how to drive them   Jan 10
Magnets, Magnet Tools and Techniques
MagnetDemagnetiserBuild a demagnetiser that can demagnetise most things in 50 milliseconds flat! May 10
MagnetMagnet 'Charger'A powerful magnet revitaliser, using large electrolytic capacitors Jun 08
FluxmeterFluxmeterNow that you've recharged you magnet, measure the results Nov 08

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