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This is a collection of miscellanous links that readers may find either useful or not. Some of the material has nothing to do with electronics per sé, but is nice to provide some information that deviates from the (sometimes rather dry) topics directly related to electronics ... after all, we often want to just know a bit more about the author, have a laugh at some jokes, or have a look through something completely different.

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>PhilosophyThe general philosophy of The Audio Pages and the author.
>ESP ColumnI'm As Mad As Hell, find out why (note - this is an archive, and has not changed since 2004)
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HumourHumourJokes and other humour. Contributions most welcome
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ClocksClocks Yes, I do have a hobby outside of electronics ... clocks. Mainly the mechanical kind, as they are the most interesting

This section may grow over time, because there have been things I've wanted to include from time to time, but the structure of the site was never set up properly to enable this to happen. Now that the basics are in place, I can add new bits and pieces as time permits.