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Pricelist Version 1.45 - 22 Sep 2020

Please note: the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is limiting postal deliveries in only a few areas.  I hope that all customers and readers remain well, and my thoughts are with anyone affected by this pandemic.  Everyone - please stay safe!

For The best information I have about international postage, see << COVID-19 >>

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The boards and other ESP products listed below represent very good value for money - all boards supplied have comprehensive documentation available from ESP's secure section of the Web site.  A CD-ROM is available for a small extra charge.

Current Postage Information

At present, all international orders can only be sent using tracked airmail.  'Normal' post (large letter) is not available, and some countries will not accept international post at all.  The current rates are shown in the Price List and PayPal Cart.

Your product purchase supports The Audio Pages, and is the only way that this site can continue.  Without your purchase, the articles and projects will cease to exist, as the cost of maintaining the site would be prohibitive without any way to pay for the site, its maintenance and ongoing project development and refinement.  Some articles and projects featured on the site have incurred considerable expense, and your purchase helps to allow this to continue.

My thanks to all those who have bought (or are planning to buy) project PCBs or other products.  Without you, The Audio Pages would be no more.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Please read this page thoroughly, so that you understand the payment methods and warranty provisions, and any country specific information.  To simplify the page, I have separated the major sections into Javascript 'popups', making navigation a lot easier because of the large amount of information provided here.

PCB Artwork/ No Component Values

Please do not ask for artwork - refusal is guaranteed.  In some cases I have been asked because "it is difficult to get boards shipped to [wherever]".  While this may well be true, I will not supply my original artwork to anyone for any reason.

Likewise, for the few projects that don't show component values, this information is available only with the purchase of the PCB for the project.

There have been a few people who ask for artwork ("But I'll pay for the PCB"), and when I refuse they think it's appropriate to reply with a highly abusive email, claiming all manner of imagined things about me personally, often suggesting things that are clearly impossible.  I have a 'special' e-mail folder for these!  The sale of PCBs is the only way the site can survive, new projects/ articles produced, etc.  Those who hurl abuse seem to forget that the ESP site is one of the few that's completely free, and provides more information in one place than any other I can think of.  In similar vein, I've also been asked to use money transfer services I've never even heard of, use unknown (in Australia) delivery services, and to 'hide' the PCB in a book or magazine.  Again, refusal (polite but firm) invokes a litany of invective.

Boards are supplied as a blank PCB only - no components or other parts are included.  Please do not ask about kits, as these are not available, nor are heatsinks, transformers or other components not shown in the price list.

Some items listed are only available along with a PCB purchase - see the pricelist for full details.

Please Note:  If you don't see the board you want here, then it is (probably) not available.  The pricelist page describes all boards currently for sale, and if it is not listed there, I don't have it (this page is occasionally a little behind).


PCB Assembly

Please Note:  This service is temporarily unavailable (28 June 2019).  It will be restored as soon as possible.

For anyone who would like one of the ESP projects but is unable or not confident in their ability to buy the parts and assemble the board(s), there is a service available that you can use.  Details will be provided when it's available again.


Information and Board Index

General Information
loyaltyESP Loyalty Programme

The Loyalty programme is temporarily suspended, as the COVID-19 crisis has played havoc with orders, and ESP's income has been seriously limited.  This makes it much harder for me to do project development, and the website still has to be aid for (along with other ongoing costs).  Current vouchers will be honoured, but no new vouchers will be issued until things have returned to normal.  I apologise for this, but it's well outside of my control.

Main IndexOn-Line Construction Info & Terms and Conditions

When boards or other products are ordered, you will be sent a URL, Username and Password to access the board construction articles.  The latest information is available on these pages, and you will be able to see the information for the boards you have purchased as well as the other construction articles.  Please click on the button in the header to read the full details.

The Construction Pages are only accessible with a username and password that you will be given when you have ordered and paid for PCBs.  It includes all current boards, and has an archive section for older PCBs.  There is also a data section with quite a few datasheets, predominantly for devices used in the projects.  This information in its entirety is provided for your benefit, and must not be shared with any third party!

Please note that failure to read the agreement is considered to be your full acceptance of the terms and conditions shown.

How To PurchaseHow to Purchase

There are several options for purchase, and all are quite straightforward.  Please click on the section header for the full details.  ESP accepts Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Australia Post and Western Union money orders and direct bank deposits (note that direct deposit is only available for Australian residents).

On-line purchase is available from the PayPal Cart page, however this method cannot be used for purchases within Australia.  The other methods provided have worked well for many years.  When sending your card details, make sure that your details are entered on the order form or the Encrypted Form.  Order forms are not required if you pay using PayPal.  For those who do not have access to a fax machine, the order form can be sent as a password protected PDF (scanned or printed directly to PDF).  You must send me a separate email with the password for the PDF!

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! PayPal Verified
Western UnionMoney Orders
Australia PostMoney Orders
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Not Accepted
Sorry, no American Express or Diners Club

PayPal Info     Western Union Info

How To PurchaseInternational Customers

The preferred payment for all international purchases is via PayPal (using the PayPal shopping cart), and will be in US$ currency.  Credit cards are accepted, but often cause frustration and delays when the card is processed and declined.  This is frequently the case, because it's processed as 'card not present' and often subjected to banks blocking the transaction (as part of their fraud prevention policy).

If you use a credit card you will be billed in AU$ at the board prices listed.  The final price that appears on your card statement is determined by the exchange rate prevailing when the card details are processed and any currency conversion fees applied by your bank.  Click on the button in the header for more information, currency conversion details, etc.

If you wish to pay using USD (American Dollar) funds, you must use PayPal.  I cannot bill credit cards in any any currency other than AUD.

note It is important that you understand that all orders require a customs form.  For most orders this is the worldwide standard CN22 form, and the customs value of your order is shown on the form.  This is the cost of the PCBs, and doesn't include postage.  Most orders pass straight through customs with nothing to pay, but occasionally a sufficiently demented customs 'officer' may decide that import duty and/or VAT (or its equivalent) must be paid before you can collect your order.  The amount charged is not always sensible, and it's important that you understand that ESP has absolutely zero control over what your country's customs people do.

Currency conversion is at the mercy (or otherwise) of PayPal, and their conversion rate is invariably lower than you'll find on the Net.  I also have to pay PayPal fees, and this is the reason that the USD prices sometimes appear somewhat higher than you'd otherwise expect.  There are additional fees incurred for payments that are converted (by PayPal) from GBP (British pounds), Euros, or other currencies.

Please Note ... For overseas customers, cheques (or 'checks') are not acceptable.  Any cheque drawn on a foreign bank requires a special trip to the bank, incurs (often very heavy) fees, and makes the process completely uneconomical.  No other online merchant accepts foreign cheques, and ESP is no different.  I realise that this may be inconvenient, but it is also necessary because of the huge impost on my time (plus I receive far less than the order is worth).

Australian Customers

For local customers, please note that the Australian dollar price must be used for all orders.  A personal or bank cheque is acceptable - but goods will not be shipped until the cheque is cleared.  The preferred payment methods are Direct Deposit (Australian Banks only), Visa, Mastercard or Australian Post Office money order.  For direct deposit, please Contact ESP for bank details.  For security reasons, this info is not made available on the public website.

Australian residents using PayPal must use the AUD price, and payment must be in Australian dollars.  Goods are sent using Australia Post.  You cannot use the PayPal Cart (sorry), so just add up the total for the boards you need, include AU$5.50 for postage and do a bank transfer or PayPal money transfer (in AU$).

shippingShipping And Documentation

All international orders are sent as parcel post, at the rate for various countries specified in the price list.  All packages come with tracking, and the tracking number will be sent to you when I receive it (after the package is posted).  AU$100 insurance is included in the postage fee.  The shipping label includes a customs declaration, which I will not falsify under any conditions.  To do so is contrary to international law.

Where registered mail (Australia), courier or insurance (RoW - Rest of World) is requested, the fee shown in the pricelist is in addition to pack and postage charges.

In common with the postal services in most countries, normal (large letter) airmail post does not include any form of tracking.  If you want the ability to track your order, you will have to use the courier option.  Please do not ask for tracking numbers if your package is delayed, because there isn't one unless you pay for it.  If you do pay for international courier, I will send you the tracking number.  All international postage requires a CN22 customs form, and the form number will be sent with confirmation of your order.  It is NOT a tracking number, but may be useful if your order is delayed by customs.

NOTE:  Since the outbreak of COVID-19, all international mail is sent as a package and includes tracking.

Please see the pricelist for more information about pack and post options.

Order Codes
The order code for each PCB or other product is shown in the price list.  Where there is more than one board for a project, they will have the suffix A, B, (etc.) - for example P27a and P27b (guitar amplifier boards).  All boards are made with fibreglass PCB material.  Some boards are sold in pairs, and note that paired boards will not be sold individually, nor in odd numbers.
Miscellaneous Info.
All board sizes are in millimetres and are approximate to the nearest millimetre.  Board thickness is approx. 1.6mm unless otherwise stated.

Some boards have relatively small tracks and closely spaced components.  These require a fine tipped soldering bit (preferably temperature controlled), and careful soldering techniques.  If you are new to soldering components into a PCB, please exercise caution during construction, as it is possible to damage the board with excessive or prolonged heat.


All goods are checked before shipping, but it is possible that a defective board or disk may be supplied.  The boards are warranted to be free from defects that would make them unusable for the intended use.  Such boards will be replaced free of charge or a refund given upon receipt of the defective board(s).  Click on the button in the header for more information.


ESP regrets that if you change your mind, returns are only available under some conditions.  Full details are available by clicking on the button in the header above.

lossPackage Loss

Package losses are extremely rare, but for shipping to some countries insurance is highly recommended.  Please see the price list for the most up-to-date information I have available.  More information is available by clicking on the button in the header.

Order FormsOrder Forms

Load the HTML form, save a copy of the text form, or download the order encryption program.  Please fill in all sections.  Print a copy of order form to post, or e-mail the encrypted order/ scanned PDF of the order form.

Simple Text Form     HTML Order Form     Encrypted Order Program *

Pricelist Version 1.45 - 22 Sep 2022

* See general notes for more information.

Note that the price list is updated only when there are changes or additions.  While it may appear 'old' much of the time, this simply indicates that there have been no price changes or additions to the list.  Unless otherwise indicated, everything on the price list is in stock at all times.  On the odd occasion a PCB may be out of stock, but unless the price list indicates nil stock, replacements are due within a few days at most.

Should this be the case when you place an order, I will advise you and your card will not be charged until I can supply everything at once.

Printed Circuit Boards Incredibly Useful Stuff (that isn't boards )
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