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Page Updated 20 Aug 2010

Dead Letters

Returned mail is very rare, but I do have the following parcels that have been paid for, but were returned as "Unknown at Address" or similar.  If you see your own name, then let me know - if you recognise someone you know, then please let them know, and suggest they send an e-mail to advise the new address so I can send the parcels.

You will need to prove that you are the person who ordered the goods in the first place, so I will need some kind of valid identification, and a fee of AU$12.00 (or US$10.00 via PayPal) will be required to re-pack and re-send the PCBs.  These boards will be held for a period of 2 (two) years from the date they are posted on this page. After that time, the boards will be forfeit.


Dates in red indicate that the 2 year holding period is over - the packages will be forfeit within 30 days of the update note above.  Please note that if the address I am given is invalid for any reason, I will not spend hours chasing people's e-mail addresses to try to track down someone who has moved.  I suggest that if you plan to move in the near future, your order should be postponed until you are settled in the new location.  Alternatively, consider a Post Office Box - especially since they are traditionally far more secure than household mailboxes. Overseas mail can sometimes take longer than expected, so plan for this possibility if you can.

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