Elliott Sound Products PayPal Purchase Information 

If you have a PayPal account, you can also pay using this means.  For more information, to join PayPal, or to create an order and pay for it using PayPal, please click on the logo below.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

PayPal lets you pay anyone with an e-mail address and is the world's #1 online payment service - it's accepted on over 3 million eBay™ auctions and thousands of online shops.  When you send money through PayPal, you can fund your payments with your credit card or cheque account.  You won't have to worry about your privacy, because PayPal keeps your account information safe.

Prices shown in US$ are only for payment using PayPal.  I have tried to strike a reasonable balance between the exchange rate, PayPal fees, and the need to constantly update the PCB pages.

Notes on using PayPal
When you order using PayPal, I don't need an order form. Just fill in the notes section in the PayPal "Send Money" page to include the following information ...
Your name and address (if different from that shown in the PayPal info)
The list of boards you wish to purchase (with prices)
The total amount for the boards (you will have to add this up yourself, sorry :-)
Post and Handling charge is shown in the price list - you must add this to the total
Send the PayPal cash to contact (my normal email address)

Note that postage is not automatically added by PayPal - you must add postage to any PayPal order.  PayPal's "automatic" shipping cost works sporadically, so has been disabled.

Needless to say, the total must be correct, and must agree with the amount being sent (including postage and handling).