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 Elliott Sound Products Ready Made Modules 


ESP is pleased to announce that certain project PCBs and other items will be made available as completely built and tested modules. You need only add a power supply, and the necessary hardware to have a complete working system. Although the initial choice is rather limited, like the PCB offerings this will grow based on demand. Additional modules (such as the DF100) will be added in the future that are not available as projects.

The modules described are not kits - they have been completely built and tested, and all major specifications are verified for each module.

BP4078 - 400 Watt Class-D Power Amplifier

The ColdAmp BP4078 full range Class-D (PWM) amplifier is not available as a project. Because most parts are surface mount, it would be almost impossible for most constructors to obtain the parts and solder them to the PCB. Suitable for powered loudspeakers (including subwoofers), general hi-fi or home theatre use or sound reinforcement, the amplifier is very versatile.

With very low thermal dissipation, very compact amplifiers are possible. Innovative design means that the frequency response remains flat regardless of load impedance.

Order No. - N/A (No longer available from ESP - please Contact ESP for purchase details.

M27A - 100 Watt Power Amplifier

This is a slightly modified version of the P27A Power Amplifier Module. The power amplifier as described is not limited in any way to guitar use. In fact, its performance is as good or better than a great many hi-fi power amplifiers, including those at many times the price. It has excellent bandwidth, and a respectable slew rate (more than sufficient for the highest quality audio).

Order No. - M27A

DF100 - Digital Camera Flash Trigger

The DF100 flash trigger is designed to allow you to use your existing external light triggered slave flash units with a digital camera that uses a pre-flash. Since the investment in your existing equipment may be considerable, this module will allow you to use the equipment you have with any digital camera that uses pre-flash for white balance correction.

Order No. - DF100

Purchase Information

The modules described may be purchased using credit cards - Visa, Mastercard (and Bankcard in Australia) are accepted. You can also pay using PayPal (US$) or Paymate (AU$). Please see the Purchase PCBs page for all details.

Limited Warranty

The supplied moduls are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects or other faults in materials or workmanship, including damage sustained in transit from ESP to the purchaser. Limitations on this warranty are based on the fact that ESP has no control over the final disposition of the unit, or that it has been correctly wired and mounted, and operated in accordance with the supplied instructions. Units that have been used in excess of any absolute maximum parameter (as detailed on each page) or have been incorrectly wired (for example reverse polarity) or inadequately mounted to the heatsink (if applicable) are not covered by this warranty.

If used completely within the ratings, modules are covered by a 12 month repair or replacement warranty, provided that any faulty unit is returned properly packed, and intact and unmodified in any way. ESP reserves the right to deny warranty claims if it is determined that the fault was caused by excess voltage, tampering of any kind, PCB or component physical damage (other than damage in transit from ESP to the purchaser).

A repair service is available for units that have been damaged, but it is at the discretion of ESP as to repair an existing unit or replace it completely (depending on the damage sustained).