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By entering this site and using any circuit, description or other material presented, then you (meaning the reader of this material being yourself, or any other person that you may subsequently pass any material to) explicitly accept the following.  Should you choose not to read this information, this shall be deemed implicit acceptance of these terms and conditions in their entirety.

Cookies & Security

The ESP site itself does not use cookies, but you must be aware that some linked sites and/or embedded code may install and/or access cookies on your machine.  For example, the forum software uses cookies to track who is on-line.  PayPal (used for purchases) also uses cookies, and some embedded Google advertisements may also use cookies (I have no control of that, as it's controlled by Google).

Note that no sensitive data is collected by the website, and all PayPal payments are processed by PayPal, with no transfer of user-names, passwords, credit card details or other information that would require encryption.  HTML or text order forms do not transmit data to or from the website.  If used, only the local copy in your browser's cache is utilised, and the data entered is not transferred anywhere.

Originality & Functionality

It is believed by Rod Elliott and Elliott Sound Products and/or Rod Elliott's heirs and assigns (hereinafter referred to as ESP) that the designs and articles presented are either original, in the public domain or may be considered common knowledge or based thereon, and do not violate the Copyright of any other party.  This cannot be guaranteed however, and ESP accepts no liability for loss or damages that may be imposed upon you by any Court of Law, statutory or other body, should it transpire that a similar circuit has been simultaneously or previously designed, published or patented by another party.

ESP shall not be held responsible for the failure of any project described to operate as described, loss or destruction of components or any other loss whether direct or consequential including loss of life or personal injury even if ESP has been advised previously of any error.  It is entirely the reader's responsibility to determine the suitability of any design for the intended purpose.  It is not possible to foresee the many possibilities that may exist world-wide, including incorrectly wired mains outlets, counterfeit components, etc., etc.

The projects are presented 'as is' and are believed to be without error, however this cannot be guaranteed, and it is reasonable to assume that mistakes or other errors will occur from time to time.  If errors are found, please contact ESP and describe the error (and its consequences) so that corrections may be made.  There have been several such corrections over the years, and projects are often updated with additional information.

No project or other activity referred to directly or by reference in this web site or any other as may be used or linked by ESP should be attempted before checking for updates or additional material that may make a substantial difference to the operation, safety or other aspect of a design, schematic or idea.

All text, diagrams, circuits and any other material presented in these project and articles pages are Copyright © ESP / Rod Elliott unless otherwise stated.  These circuits and descriptions are available for personal use only, and may not be used commercially without the author's written consent nor may the projects or articles presented be copied or directly linked to other sites or re-published in whole or in part in any form whatsoever whether electronic or otherwise without the author's written consent.  Violators will be vigorously pursued by any and all means at my disposal.

Likewise, ESP will not knowingly use or misuse or otherwise falsely represent the intellectual property or original ideas of others, nor re-publish or link to circuits on other sites without the consent of the author of that site, other than as a reference to my published work.  All references to the work of others is acknowledged in the article or project page where such references are made.  Any omissions should be referred to ESP for correction.

The material on this Internet site is made available for the purpose of providing information to the general public and is not to be taken as professional advice.

While every care has gone into the preparation of the information on this website, there are some matters of which you must be aware ...

Any decision to implement a strategy or recommendation contained in this web site is made solely by you.  No claim may be made against ESP or any of ESP's heirs, assigns or agents for any loss or damage (arising through negligence or in any other way) which you may suffer by relying on the information on this web site.

Before relying on the material, novice users should obtain appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances to evaluate its accuracy, currency, completeness and suitability for the intended purposes.

Links provided to other Internet sites are provided for the user's convenience and do not constitute endorsement of the information at those sites.  ESP accepts no responsibility for material contained in any site that is linked to this or any other ESP website.

WARNING Whenever you see this symbol, beware.  Under no circumstances should any reader construct any mains operated equipment unless absolutely sure of his /her abilities in this area.  ESP takes no responsibility for any loss, injury or death howsoever caused resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, the reader's inability to understand and appreciate the hazards of household mains or other voltages as may be applicable to any published material.  All mains wiring should be performed by suitably qualified persons only.  The use or otherwise of the symbol does not imply that a design is safe or otherwise, and the failure of ESP to apply the symbol does not influence the liability of ESP or the responsibility of care by you.


Copyright Notice. All projects and articles referred to herein, including but not limited to all text and diagrams, are the intellectual property of Rod Elliott unless otherwise stated, and are Copyright © as noted in the footer of the project or article.  Reproduction or re-publication by any means whatsoever, whether electronic, mechanical or electro-mechanical or any other means, is strictly prohibited under International Copyright laws.  The author /editor (ESP) grants the reader the right to use this information for personal use only, and further allows that one (1) copy may be made for reference and/or while constructing the project.  Commercial use in whole or in part is prohibited without express written authorisation from Rod Elliott and the owner of the copyright in the case of articles submitted by readers or reproduced with the permission of the original Copyright holder.
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