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I used to be able to perform contract work for telecommunications systems, especially IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, and PABX (PBX) and Call Centre integration of same.  However, it's a long time since I did any work in this field, so my skill-set is undoubtedly rather out of date.  If attempted, this would be by direct negotiation in all cases, and as initial contact please send me an e-mail.  The details (including confidentiality agreements and scale of charges) are negotiable, and will not be posted here.

The range of services provided is likewise subject to discussion and negotiation - please use the contact page to send me an e-mail with a brief description of your needs.  All contact details (phone, mobile, etc.) will be provided by return e-mail.

Audio & Analogue

Should you have specific requirements for a customised design or something completely new, ESP may be able to help.  I have developed many products over the years, both for individual customers and various employers, and during those periods when I was operating my own business (Elliott Sound Products).

Please Note - The availability of my time at any given period is rather variable, as I have been rather busy on an ongoing basis.  Projects for individuals or minor modifications to an existing published design are generally not possible at any time.  Assistance to realise something slightly different from any existing PCB is always available, but only to purchasers.

Some examples will show the range and diversity (customer names and specific details will not be disclosed under any circumstances).

As I said above, a small sample.  Please contact me if you have anything that I might be able to help you with.

Terms & Conditions

As can be expected, these are negotiable on a case by case basis.  I will generally be happy to operate on a Payment for Service basis, or a royalty based on the number of items sold and my contribution to the product.

I do not expect to have to use the services of lawyers for any contract, unless the value (to you or me) justifies this.  A sample contract is available upon request.

Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed for all negotiations, designs and products.

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