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Recommended Links
EE-WebEE-Web is the place to go for the electrical and electronics engineering community. With a forum, as well as Analogue Design, RF Design, Power Management, Embedded Design, Test & Measure, Components and PCB Design sections, there is likely to be an answer to many of your questions.
Sengpiel Audio CalculatorsThis is quite possibly the largest collection of audio-related calculators anywhere.
SSSStones Sound Studio - Artisan audio art series speakers, speaker design, plans, drawings, pcb & crossover design, components, active filter design, speaker driver t/s measurements. Russell Storey, senior design engineer, acoustical consultant, high end audio products sales and service.
DiracDeltaAn enormously useful collection of formulae, definitions and on-line calculators. The topics covered include mechanical engineering, noise & vibration, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computing and biology. Audio calculators are included (of course grin ).
LenardThe Lenard Audio site has an excellent educational section, and belongs to a friend of many years. You can see some of the commercial products I worked on in the past (and/or am working on at present) with John, and browse through the education sections to understand some of the fundamentals of audio and its application.
Class-A Amps
The TCAAS (The Class-A Amplifier Site) website by Geoff Moss, my defacto editor and contributor, is now hosted by ESP as an archive. Primarily devoted to Class-A amplifiers, TCAAS has all the details on the John Linsley Hood classic (both versions) plus more Class-A amps and a great deal of helpful information on various amp topics.
RaneRane Corporation - probably one of the most open and informative pro audio manufacturer websites ever. There is a wealth of excellent design information, covering a wide range of topics. Not only for professionals, it is just as applicable to hi-fi. Check out the PDF library - I hope you have lots of disk space :-)
The Self SiteDouglas Self - well known designer of amplifiers and audio equipment generally, published many times in Wireless World (now Electronics World) - This is an excellent reference site for design information.
Steve EkbladAudio Related Internet WWW and FTP sites.  One of the all-time great links pages
TrueAudioTrueAudio - Info on speakers and their design + loads of other stuff
555 Timer Circuits - All the electronics info you need to know about the 555 Timer. With over 80 circuits.
DIYaudioThe name says it all, really.  Also some more good links
Linkwitz LabsSiegfried Linkwitz (of Linkwitz-Riley crossover fame) has some extremely useful information, especially on the design of bipolar loudspeakers and other speaker topics.  Some of this information will change the way you think about reproduction of audio.
AudioXpressAudioXpress is the home of the renowned Speaker Builder and Audio Amateur magazines.  Subscription info and sample articles are available, plus a lot of other info.
eCousticsEasily find the latest news, articles, and reviews on thousands of consumer electronics and hi-fi audio/video products from the most popular, informative, and reliable A/V web sites.
Morrison Don Morrison Audio - Creator of the E.L.A.D. (Electronic Line Amplifying Device) which has had rave reviews, as well as some interesting articles and nice speakers.
Audio CalculatorsAudio calculators for all occasions.  There is a huge range here - something for everyone
SatCureSatellite equipment, MacIntosh computers, and (of course) audio make up Martin Pickering's site. Well worth investigation.
Decibel DungeonNick Whetstone has another audio site that is worth a look, especially if you are interested in turntables and other DIY activities.
AudioholicsAudio equipment, reviews and thoughtful articles and home theatre setup hints. Includes a forum, FAQs, and more.
GedLeeLoudspeakers, home theatre, acoustics & noise control and sound quality are the main areas of expertise, and GedLee is the home of SPEAK loudspeaker design and modelling software, and the book 'Audio Transducers'.
Bill CollisonVented Subwoofer information, showing that it can be done, if you are willing to make the effort. There is quite a lot of useful information, allowing you to make a high performance vented system and avoid the pitfalls. (Site now has a new home).
SIMetrixAn absolutely top notch simulator. The free version has a limited number of nodes (connections), but is still sufficient for nearly all your simulation needs.
US EnclosureExterior Diffraction Charts Caused By Loudspeaker Enclosures including the original Dr. Olsen charts from the late 1930s - early 1940s
Electronics LabElectronics Lab - Open source hardware projects

Additional Useful Links
tiTexas Instruments.  I seriously doubt that any more needs to be said.  One of the world's best IC manufacturers.
adAnalog Devices.  Again, I seriously doubt that any more needs to be said.  Another of the world's best IC manufacturers.
MozillaWant the best browser and e-mail client on the planet? Of course you do. Get rid of the rubbish you use now, and grab a copy of the finest internet package available anywhere
Search engine for electronic component datasheets - over 100 million indexed data sheets
From Italy, you can see Federico Paoletti's Unofficial Audio Pages
How Stuff Works This is a great site for just messing around in - not much audio, but lots of other stuff
Hobbytron Hobbytron carries a wide range of electronics fun and toys. The site features secure ordering, and has kits and test equipment, MP3 players, and much, much more. Also has extensive DIY links.

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