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ESP has subscribed to Google advertising for some time now.  This might come as a surprise to many people, but unfortunately the economics of running such a large website mean that alternative sources of revenue are the only way that I can continue to keep the site operating.  In case you were wondering, the sale of PCBs is not a 'goldmine'.  I keep prices as reasonable as possible, and the small additional income from the ads is essential for survival of the site.

I know that many people use ad blocking add-ons with their browsers, and I ask that you place an exception for the ESP site.  I have very deliberately avoided placing ads in the middle of pages, and they are restricted to small sections at the top and bottom of each page, identical to what you see here.  They may not be the greatest revenue raisers (as Google tells me regularly), but they are as un-intrusive as possible.

Unlike many other sites, you will never be blocked from accessing the material here, even if you do use an ad blocker.  As noted above, I prefer that you disable it for the ESP site, but it's not (and will never be) a requirement.

You will never see pop-up ads that open a new window, nor will you ever be asked if you really want to leave a page (or the site).  Nor do I request that you 'register' to see the information - everything is freely available to everyone, with no restrictions other than to the secure section.  That is restricted to purchasers only, and that's been the case for nearly 20 years.

The primary goal of the site is to provide unbiased information to readers, and everything published is (or is believed to be) accurate and free of snake-oil or other contaminants.

Should you see adverts that you think are inappropriate, please let me know, and if I agree they will be blocked at the source.

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