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TCAAS - The Class-A Amplifier Site



This site was originally hosted in the UK, but was relocated when the free hosting service used was closed down. It is primarily dedicated to the Class-A amplifier designed by John Linsley Hood, which was originally published in Wireless World in April 1969 (with a postscript in December 1970) and later updated in Electronics World in September 1996.  However, other Class-A design articles by Jean Hiraga, James Sugden, Stan Curtis and L Nelson-Jones have been added, along with some more JLH circuits. Schematics for other Class-A amplifiers and for three classic Class-B commercial amplifiers, the NAD3020, the Cyrus 1 and the Sugden A48-II, have been included for reference.


Please note that the site and all its contents have been transferred "as is", and this is provided as a service to readers who want to be able to access the information that Geoff Moss made available during the site's "previous life". There are many concepts and ideas that ESP and/or Rod Elliott does not agree with, and no correspondence will be engaged in to discuss the "sonic superiority" (or otherwise) of any components referred to in the text.


Please do NOT send email to ESP about the material herein. This site and its contents constitute an archive - changes and/or additions are unlikely, ESP does not support the schematics or projects, and no assistance will be given to any constructor, for any reason. All material is presented more or less exactly as originally published, including any/all errors and omissions.



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