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Jean Hiraga Class-A Amplifiers



The following two designs by Jean Hiraga were originally published in the French magazine “l’Audiophile”. They have a good reputation for sound quality, but this is not an aspect I have been able to verify personally. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer any support for these designs since I have yet to build either of them, but if anyone else has useful information relating to these amplifiers, for example transistor substitutes, please let me have the details and I will add them to the ‘Additional Information’ page.


It now seems unlikely that I will ever get round to completing the translation of the articles, due to ill-health and other priorities, so I have added copies of the original articles for the benefit of anyone who can read French. For those who can’t read French, approximate (machine generated) translations of sections of the articles can be obtained using the on-line facilities at SYSTRAN.


My thanks go to Rudy van Stratum for sending me copies of the Hiraga 20W Parts 1 and 2, to Scott Nixon for the Hiraga 20W Part 3 (and to Jam Somasundram for arranging this) and to Mike Jonasson for the copies of the ‘Monster’ articles. I would also like to thank Miroslav Vujica for supplying a draft translation of the 20W Class-A Part 1 article.





The 20W Class-A


Last Updated



Part 1 –  Conception générale


7 August 2001

Part 2 –  Construction


8 August 2001

Part 3 – La version définitive 


1 August 2001



Part 1 –  General design  (l’Audiophile No. 10)


19 July 2004

Part 2 –  Construction  (l’Audiophile No. 11)


9 August 2001

Part 3 – The final version  (l’Audiophile No. 15)


19 July 2001

The Monster





Amplificateurs classe A 8 watts « Le monstre »


1 August 2001

Amplificateurs 8 W « Le monstre » L’alimentation


1 August 2001

Retour sur le 8 W « Le monstre »


1 August 2001



Class A Amplifier 8 watts "Le monstre" (The Monster)


November 2012

The Monster - Power Supply (l’Audiophile No. 29)


November 2012

‘The Monster’ Revisited  (l’Audiophile No. 31)


16 July 2001



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