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Page Last Updated - September 2016

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This page is based on enquiries and suggestions from readers.  Inclusion does not imply that I will produce a project along the lines suggested, but if anyone has such a project (or knows who does), then please e-mail me and I can either add a link to the page, or add the project as a contributed article - in either case, only with the owner's permission.

Note that projects that would typically take a lot of time (or money) to develop are unlikely to be considered.  Both are finite resources, and it is simply not possible to spend weeks on the development of a project that only a couple of people might want.  All the featured designs are intended to serve the greatest number of readers possible, and highly specific projects are not suitable for publication.  This applies doubly if there is a PCB involved.

Please do not send details of material that is not yours for inclusion - any submission is only accepted from the original designer or publisher of the circuit and it must include a detailed description.  PCB drawings are not published on the ESP website.

If you would like to suggest a project, please do so.  Your suggestion will be added here if it is not something I wish to tackle myself.

Project Suggestions
1.  Beats Per Minute Counter

It seems that a lot of people (especially DJs) would like to get a readout of Beats Per Minute to make track synchronisation easier.  If anyone has any ideas and wants to have their design published, please let me know.

Update Information: Page updated 14 Jan 2007