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 Elliott Sound Products Privacy and Ethics Statement 

The Internet by its very nature is distributed and unregulated.  While this is undeniably its greatest asset, it also eliminates many of the tangible cues to a merchant's credibility, which are normally quite obvious in the real world.  In the hope of replacing these lost "consumer comfort factors", and preferably without the need for government intervention, Elliott Sound Products (ESP) voluntarily commits to follow a Universal Standard of Ethics when transacting business on the Internet.

In connection with the material presented on the ESP website(s), I suggest that you also read the Copyright article.  There are countless people on the Net who don't appear to give a toss about who's material they steal (and that applies to a great many ESP articles and projects), and blatantly copy entire articles and/ or diagrams that are are copyright © material owned by ESP.  I don't copy anyone's material without authorisation, but I appear to be in the minority.  It's an important part of ESP's ethics policy that I never knowingly infringe anyone else's copyright.  There will be occasions where text and/ or diagrams are substantially similar to other material, but that is the nature of electronics, where much of the information is available from a multiplicity of different sources.

Where material from other sources is used (e.g. definitions of technical terms, 'unusual' words, etc.) it will always be in accordance with the copyright provisions, and no 'substantial' amount of material will ever be used.  The 'Fair Use' copyright of some material may occur in some places, where a product or 'service' is reviewed or forms the basis for discrediting fraudulent practices.

All ESP Articles and projects are copyright, with the date (or year) of publication displayed in the copyright notice at the bottom of each page.

As a reputable member of the global Internet commerce community, ESP hereby agrees to ...


Credit Cards/ PayPal *
*  ESP reserves the right to correct errors in orders, where the total cost has been incorrectly calculated by the purchaser, the incorrect price list was used, or other errors as may occur from time to time.  You will always be advised of any changes and the reasons for those changes.




Adherence to Laws & Regulations

Your Privacy
This is one thing that terrifies many potential Internet purchasers, since they are never sure what the merchant will do with their personal information.  I/we know that you are concerned about your privacy and so is ESP.  If you provide information about yourself or your business, such as name, postal or e-mail address or other data, this information will be added to internal data records.  Any information received from you (either by mail, fax or in any electronic format) is used internally by ESP alone, and is not shared with anyone *.

*   The only exception is to provide details as requested by an appropriate financial institution, the Australian Taxation Office, law enforcement agencies or other statutory bodies that have a legal right to such details, where fraud, deception or other financial malfeasance is suspected or alleged.  ESP will cooperate with all such requests where there is reasonable evidence that the appropriate agencies are lawfully entitled to the information.


On the subject of privacy - because ESP is operated from my home address, I do not advertise or publish the street address or telephone number of the business.  This is sometimes seen as evidence of a business that has something to hide - this is not my intention - I am entitled to some privacy as well, and that is the sole reason for this omission.  If you have a reason for needing this information, all you have to do is ask.  No request for this information has ever been refused.

ESP has been trading on-line since 1999, and I have not had one unresolved complaint from a customer, supplier or other website, nor from my credit card handling facility or PayPal.  I am determined to keep my reputation - honesty and integrity are the only tools at my disposal to achieve this.


Any consultation usually entails (sometimes lengthy) discussions beforehand, and the points above are intended as initial guidance only.  Explicit requirements will be negotiated to ensure mutual satisfaction and protection of pre-existing proprietary intellectual property rights of both parties.

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